Franco-Prussian War Series PACK OFFER

Franco-Prussian War Series PACK
Infantryman Franco-Prussian 26 Regiment 1870-71Infantryman Franco-Prussian 26 Regiment 1870-71Voltigeur of the Imperial Guard 1870Voltigeur of the Imperial Guard 1870Trooper Bavarian Jagër 1870Trooper Bavarian Jagër 1870

Franco-Prussian War Series PACK OFFER


This Pack includes the 3 figures from the Franco-Prussian War, Series 1870-71:

1-Infantryman Franco-Prussian 26 Regiment, 1870-71
1-Voltigeur of the Imperial Guard 1870
1-Trooper Bavarian Jagër 1870

Sculpture: Antonio Meseguer
Painting: Pepe Gallardo
Material: Resin
Scale: 1/16


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