Heroes and Villains Miniatures begins in 2012 with the idea of producing scale miniatures about historical, fantasy and fiction themes. Since the beginning, the company has compromised itself in offering the highest quality possible in its products.


Heroes and Villains Miniatures’ products are distributed through this website,  in events we’ll be attending, in person or through third parties that will be in charge of the sales for that special occasion or through authorized sales points.

If you own a shop or sales point and want to sell our products, contact us and we’ll give you all the information.


In our website, the prices are displayed with and without V. A. T. (21%). Our V. A. T. is an E. U. tax that only applies to its citizens. The price applicable on outside E. U. orders doesn’t include V. A. T. That fact makes them a 21% cheaper.


Currently, the payment option we accept is Paypal, that also allows payment through the main credit cards.

We also accept bank transfer payments, only for Spanish customers.

We don’t accept payments by check, postal orders, international bank transfer or any other system not specified in this section.

We ship through the Spanish postal service, Correos. All shipments are sent recorded without exception. In case of any problem in the reception of an order, we count with the tracking numbers of every one of them.


Due to the handmade nature of our product, it’s possible to find slight imperfections in the copies of our products, like mold lines or small bubbles. There may be even slight differences between two units of the same product.

Our production passes through a quality control to be able to retire any piece with insufficient quality, but a mistake is always possible and a faulty piece may end up in the hands of the final customer.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product you have received, we have no problem in refunding the amount of the sale in exchange of the devolution of the item. We compromise to send a refund for the cost of the product (not including shipping costs) in the same moment it arrives back. We won’t refund the purchase in case of manipulated or half built and half painted items, the product must be returned in the same state it was found when the box was opened and with all its parts (including box and inner packaging).

In case of a faulty or broken piece, we compromise to replace it with no additional cost. To do that, please send us a picture of the faulty piece, indicating the problem observed and we will send again a new piece as soon as possible. We demand a picture in case of replacement of a piece because the data about the problem is very useful to our production team so they may avoid future issues.


From time to time, we offer special promotions and raffles in which we give away vouchers for a determined amount of money that can be traded for some products from our online store. These gift vouchers do not cover shipping costs, that have to be paid for separately. The gift vouchers cannot be combined with any other offer as, in example, the temporal discounts that we offer during the special promotions.

If you have any doubt or need any explanation about these terms, contact us on info@heroesvillainsminiatures.com


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